What our clients have to say

Me and my family moved to Canada in 2014.

We got a big luck that Sara agreed to work with us. She is an excellent professional in immigration process as well as super polite and nice person.

We passed a long way together: changing visitor visas to work permits, their extensions, provincial nomination, PR; and hopefully we will continue our cooperation in the future!

2018 Provincial Nominee Testimonial

Thank you so much Sara for everything you've done for our family!

Sara was running separately PR applications for both my family and my older daughter. She has always explained in details all documents and papers I needed to sign or provide. She is very attentive to all aspects, like if you need to update your passport or get criminal check record. To any questions we had, directly relevant to process, or just general law issues, Sara always replies fully and correctly as soon as possible and representing my best interests.

Ivan Kutskyi and Family – 2018 Provincial Nominee

I don't even know where to start... Sara and her team have been beyond amazing and wonderful.

If it was not for them we likely would have had to pay an extra fortune to lawyers to finalize our immigration. Our case was not straight forward and easy but Sara never hesitated ... she fought for us and our children to become permanent residents.

2017 Provincial Nominee Testimonial

Sara worked very hard for us at a very reasonable rate, she was very patient with us when we had many questions. During the whole process she was there for us with knowledge , patience and faith. The service we received was far more than simply help with immigration , she listened to our fears and concerns and helped us to keep going through her calm ways.

Thank you for all the hard work Sara and team. We now are permanent residents of Canada and we will definitely be coming back to have Sara and team work with us on our citizenship application when the time comes.

If anyone is looking for immigration agents I recommend these guys, I am sure you will not find anyone that works as hard for their clients as these guys and their rates are very reasonable.

Thank you Sara, Andrea and Warren – see you for our citizenship application.

The Grunleitner Family – 2017 Provincial Nominee

Sara and Warren Green,

Our journey started with different representative and that was horrible experience, a lot of wasted time and money.

2017 Provincial Nominee Testimonial

If I am looking in the past, we were very lucky we found Sara and Warren.

Since that moment everything was just perfect. The service was always amazing, for any question was always fast answer even on Sunday or Holiday which is exceptional in my opinion.

Thanks to their help our immigration process came to the happy ending and finally now we are permanent residence and we can start our lives her in Canada.

Definitely we will recommend Sara and Warren in future.

The Korcarz Family – 2017 Provincial Nominee

2017 Provincial Nominee Testimonial

Sara and Warren Green,

I am very grateful to you for your excellent work, excellent service and great patience. Now I'm another happy permanent resident of Canada. Whenever I had any questions about my immigration, you always had the answers to all the questions. About all the documents that could or were needed, I was warned in advance, so the whole process passed without any problems or delays. Now in my life a new stage, with new, great opportunities.

Definitely, I will recommend your services to my friends who have questions or need help in the immigration process.

Thank you.
Iurii Bedrykivskyi – 2017 Provincial Nominee

I have no hesitation in recommending Sara and Warren Green as Immigration Consultants. They provide a totally honest, highly efficient and thoroughly professional service from start to finish. Sara's experience, knowledge and fine eye for detail ensured that our PR visa application went through amazingly quickly and smoothly.

UK Testimonial

If you are thinking of working in, and immigrating to Western Canada, Sara and Warren Green should be the first people you contact. Thanks to Sara, my family and I are living the Canadian dream here in Alberta having relocated from the UK.

The Rowan Family – Federal Skilled Trades Program

Our family would highly recommend Sara & Warren immigration specialists. They are without a shadow of a doubt a very professional, efficient and have stood by us every step of our journey.

UK Testimonial

We as a family are very very happy with the service and the friendly approach that the team of experts have continually offered with our case. Throughout the whole process we have asked so many questions and every single time we have had an answer which was easy to understand and very well explained.

We landed in British Columbia about 3 weeks ago after being granted our Permanent Residence and we would love to share our family photo which was taken on Canada Day 2017. This has really been a dream come true for us.

Thank you Sara for all of your efforts and we hope to remain friends and keep in touch.

Ramadan Family – Federal Skilled Trades 2017

Where do I start thanking the people who made our dream a reality? How much can one say to express just how much we appreciated their assistance, guidance, and assurance?

Let's start with our story.

My husband and I decided in December 2015 that yes, we need to make a change. We scoured the internet looking for companies and institutions, we asked around for contacts that could help. We even forked out a lot of money to go see someone who turned out to be a dead end.

Then everything fell in to place when we found Sara & Warren. What seemed to be the most daunting, challenging and nerve wreaking time of our lives turned into a structured, well communicated process that was easier than we ever thought!

Fast forward to the end of July 2016. Husband, Wife and 3-year-old all on a flight heading to our new lives. Yes, our process only took a total of 7 months. For some it may take longer, for some it may take much less. All I know is that without Sara, Warren and Andrea, we would still be struggling through Red Tape without any hope of actually getting here.

For any couple, family or single person wanting to make the change, you know you can count on them. Seriously. I'm sitting here with my family. In Canada! Now off to Tim's. I need my coffee.

The Kruger Family – South Africa to Saskatchewan

We would like to say a big thank you to Warren and Sara!!!! Three years ago Canada was only our dream.... now we are permanent residents!!!

Sara and Warren were extremely professional. They submitted all documents, explained everything and also helped when we needed to extend our Work Permits. Sara was there to answer all our questions when we needed.

We would like to highly recommend anybody wishing to make the move consult Sara and Warren Green, they both have been amazing.

Thank you so much and we will recommend your team to all our friends.

Darek & Ewa – Provincial Nominee 2017

I would like to thank you all of your help and service you have given me in getting myself and family lined up to come to Canada.

You have made this virtually easy as can be with what is needed and what we need to have done for this to happen quickly. You constantly updated us on our status and we're always available for any questions.

I look forward to having my family over here shortly so that we can continue or lives in Canada.

Thank you for all you have done it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Sara.

O. Amin – Provincial Nominee 2016

Quite simply, Sara and Warren made our dreams come true!

By the time we came across Sara and Warren, we'd almost given up hope of ever leaving the UK and moving to Canada permanently, especially following a really costly and bad experience with a different company. We approached Sara and Warren back in 2011 and they were confident that they could help us make the move. It wasn't going to be easy as my husband in particular had a specialist, niche set of skills that didn't fit neatly into the required framework. Warren used his networks to secure sponsored employment for my husband within a few short months whilst Sara worked her magic to submit applications and secure the necessary work permits. Sara then prepared and processed our application for Permanent Residency under the PNP scheme, which was granted in July 2014.

Throughout our journey, Sara and Warren were extremely professional yet always approachable, committed and compassionate. Even though the Immigration process was going through a series of significant changes, they absolutely knew the process inside out and hand-held us every step of the journey. They were always available to talk, to answer our many, many questions, and to re-assure us whenever needed too. We felt like we were their only clients and that they were always there for us. We firmly believe that we would not be here living our dream without them.

We shall forever be indebted to Sara and Warren and would recommend anyone considering moving to Canada to contact them. You will not be disappointed!

Jean & Paul Coombes – Provincial Nominee 2014

I want to thank Warren and especially Sara Green. For the whole process to become a Permanent Resident of Canada through Express Entry. Sara was the one who encourage us, me and my family to keep on, even if we had difficulty to get all documents together.

Sara was there to answer all our questions when we needed.
I would like to thank you for your professional service.
Without you my kids wouldn't be able to live in safety environment.
My kids can now keep on with there's dream to live in Canada.
I am glad to recommend your services to everyone.

Again thank you to make our dreams true

Best regards from me and my family

Mufid Kovcic – Express Entry 2016

Saying thank you is not enough to express my gratitude for your efficient work on my permanent residence visa. It was almost 3days before my working permit will expire that I received invitation but you work to send my permanent residence application and to renew my working permit so I could continue working. I'm so glad that someone recommended you to assist me to apply my PR and now it's all granted! I salute you and your team for your hard work; I didn't expect that it would be too fast to grant my PR visa for me and my family. Thank you so much and I will recommend your team to all my friends...May the guidance of our Lord will always with you.

Arnold Tulfo – Canadian Experience 2015

Warren and Sara made the whole immigration process really smooth & stress free. With their guidance it took us literally 6 months, after contacting them, to get to Canada on Temporary Work Permits. They were very knowledgeable, patient and supportive. They told us all we needed to do if we wanted to get to Canada in a timely manner. And so we did. We have even recommended other friends to them as well.

When we got to Canada they supported us and guided us in the right direction towards getting our Permanent Residency, and thus independence. We followed all they told us to do and we got our Permanent Residency 15 months after getting here. We want to say a big thank you for making this a reality. We are so grateful. Now, we have a new addition to our family and she is Canadian, thanks to Sara and Warren:) You guys are like family to us as we consider Warren our Canadian daddy. Lots of love to you both, and we wish you more success in your business.

Damion and Fiona – Federal Skilled Worker 2014

We first met Sara and Warren in Ireland where they were requiting potential workers who would like to move to Canada. Warren requested a portfolio from my husband, who is a chef and after few weeks he found an employer.

When my husband arrived to Calgary they welcomed him at the airport and shared their own home with him. During a short tour they took him to his workplace as well. They also helped to find our first accommodation.

Our final goal was to get the Permanent Residency and during this two-year procedure we constantly were in touch with them. They submitted all documents, explained everything and also helped when we needed to extend our Work Visa.

We were extremely blessed to have them on our side. Their friendliness, openness and willing to help made the whole procedure much-much easier. We could not do it without them.

I presume lots of people apply without a consultant, hoping they can manage everything. Now I see that we made an excellent choice to 'hire' Sara and Warren as our consultants as it is so easy to get lost in the details (interpretation of requirements, gather all documents together, keeping deadlines, etc.). I would recommend their services without hesitation.

Eva & Zoltan Csiki – Federal Skilled Worker 2013

Hello Sara:

I wish to thank you for the straightforward and invaluable service you provided in my efforts to obtain Permanent Resident status. From my difficulties with an LMO to eventual success in obtaining Permanent Residence, you were there to calmly sort it out. The confidence you show in your work allowed me to give my best to my work without preoccupation.

You have been recommended to my friends, and now to the public at large. With my appreciation.

Tom Fromme – Express Entry 2015

Sara and Andrea made my transition to become a permanent resident as fast and smooth as possible. They were always quick at answering my questions. So I felt like I was part of the whole process from the beginning. I am very happy and proud to call myself a permanent resident of Canada and I may not have acquired the status still if I didn't have Sara and Andrea's expertise and insight.

JL – South Korea – Canadian Experience Class 2015

Hi Sara,

I would like to thank you for your professional service you have given me and my family through our period we were transitioning through to Canada.

You gave us clear indication as to what is needed and what we need to prepair for. You constantly updated us on our status and we're always available for any questions. You streamlined our process so well that our permanent residentcy arrived at the same time our work visas arrived.

Thank you Sara.

Living in Canada. ..........living the dream.

Brendon Smit – Provincial Nominee 2016

After consulting a number of immigration consultants we chose to use Sara and Warren to help us fulfil our dream of living and working in Canada.

As a family of 6 things were a little complex but Sara and warren were always on hand to answer any questions we had and help resolve any issues.

In short I would highly recommend anybody wishing to make the move consult Sara and warren green, they have been amazing. Both professional and personable they helped ease the stress of such a big move.

The Harrison Family – Canadian Experience Class 2016

Hi my name is Sergey. I came from Ireland as a temporary foreign worker. Always wanted to experience living in Canadian. And after I become a Irish citizen, I've decided I wanted to expand my horizon and come to Canada. I arrived in November 2013, and started to work for McDonalds in Whistler, BC. After I found that my employer wouldn't sponsor me, my friend from Estevan recommended Sarah and Warren Green as immigration consultant.

Sara and Warren have helped me a lot; to helping me find another sponsor in Regina, SK. After only contacting them within three months I received an offer from future employer. Due to complications with the Temporary Foreign Worker program I was put on hold but in February 2015 I was nominated in the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program, and moved to Regina in June to work with my new employer. Throughout the process Sara and Warren have been so helpful and I am truly great full for that, they have called me on updated with my file and contacted me when there needed to be any updates and changes from me. And here I am in April 2016 I received my confirmation to be a Permanent Resident.

Thank you Sara and Warren for making this journey easy, and I hope to keep in contact with you because in 5 years I will need your help filing for my citizenship.

Sergey – Provincial Nominee 2016

Warren and Sara Green,

I would like to thank you for your help in processing my immigration papers. Your service and prompt action is beyond my expectations and I do not hesitate to recommend your office/business to anyone who needs it. Now that I got my permanent residency, I am glad and grateful that I acquired your service.

Please feel free to post this letter as a token of appreciation to your effective and efficient service.

Ruben Morena – Express Entry Canadian Experience 2016

Immigrate to Canada is a dream, in order to achieve this dream you have to meet the criteria, the process can be stressful, especially if English or French are not your first language, and that's why you want to have someone to do your paperwork in your behalf, we are from Mexico and became PR in May 2016 through the Canadian Experience Class, Sara did an excellent job, very professional she always answers all my questions, belive me they were a lot, she will ask for a lot of documents, she will make sure your application won't be refused, she sends applications to be accepted if she thinks your application is incomplete or unsupported she will ask for more documents to support it I would say thanks to her excellent job we achieve the dream of live in this beautiful country.

Marco and family – Canadian Experience 2016

Hi my name is Gavin, I came from Ireland in October 2012, in March 2012 a friend gave me Warren and Sara Greens number so I rang them and they did my emigration for me . They were brilliant to work with now I have my permanent residency and have started my own company.

Gavin Meehan – Provincial Nominee 2015

From Maria and Ghenidide,

The Barcaru family came to Canada in 2007 on a temporary work visa. As we liked work conditions and canadian environment we decided to renew work visa as well to apply for permanent residence.

With huge help and guidance we had from Sara and Warren Green supporting us moving forward with all document necessary to became a Permanent Resident of Canada. Their knowledge and exceptional communication skills providing us with accurate information helped us to understand the process correctly as well the possibilities that we qualified at that moment.

We are very thankful of their great attitude and support which made us feel welcomed in this country and highly recommend their services to anyone around the world.

The Barcaru family – Skilled Worker 2008

Dear Sara and Warren Green,

Now that we have reached the end of our process with immigration and we have received our official PR status in Canada ; Herbie and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for your continued support; interest and commitment to our case on a personal basis.

We truly appreciate your time and efforts that you put in to ensuring our successful transition to Canada. from South Africa and we can confidentiality say that you made the process the success it has turned out to be for us.

You proved to us that with all the hard work and determination we have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to live here in Calgary and both Herbie and I can only thank you for that as we could never have done it without you.

Thanks for your wealth of knowledge; professional business outlook and perseverance. We would gladly recommend your services. Thanks again for everything.

Kind Regards,
Tracy and Herbie – Federal Skilled Trades 2016

Hi Sara,

Just a line to thanks for all your help and expertise while doing my immigration application. I really like appreciate your help. You were recommended to me by a friend who was a client of your who, told me that you were straight forward in what you do. I am very happy to I chose you to represent me, and would recommend you to anyone who have to deal immigration at any time.

Thanks you Very Much,
O.G.Smith – Canadian Experience Class 2016

We are Aleksandr and Elena from Ukraine, Donbass Region, Lugansk city.

We are endlessly thankful to Sara for her helping us to have all the documents filled in the best and proper way and to obtain Canadian visas and come to work in Canada.

Also we appreciate everything she did for us while we are in Canada, especially her assistance with our Immigration program.

So we can highly recommend Sara Green to everybody who has decided to turn for professional consultant help. You will get the best assistance of the highest standard. There are so many different companies who offer help and we checked a great number of them before making a choice and we never regretted afterwards as we got everything we hoped for.

Elena and Aleksandr, Canadian Experience Class 2016

My husband and I along with our two children emigrated from Ireland to Alberta Canada in early 2015. We used the services of Warren and Sara Green Immigration Consultants from the very start of the immigration process, at the job offer stage right through to when we were granted Permanent Residency.

We felt confident that the process was handled professionally and efficiently and we felt reassured that their expert knowledge would ensure that all the necessary documentation was completed. We liked having a regular personal contact who was always available to contact and who always responded promptly to any queries we had.

We were relieved to complete the permanent residency application process in less than a year and we are delighted to be able to stay in Canada for the foreseeable future. We love the quality of life here and would recommend this country as a great place to live.

The Casserly Family – Federal Skilled Trades 2016

Our Canadian PR application was approved with thanks to Sara and Warren. Sara was great and was patient throughout the process, they gave us excellent service and bearing with the pain of our constant queries.

Sara and Warren really delivered what they promised and at a reasonable cost.

Thank you...
Crawford Family – Provincial Nominee 2016

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